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State Boards is part of the Public Appointments Service, In order to apply, you must register and create a Public Jobs account and apply for vacancies as they are adertised through the website.

Please see our Candidates page for information on what is required, how to apply and the process State Boards follows for all appointments.

The Guidelines for Appointments to State Boards advise no member of a State Board should serve more than two full terms of appointment or should hold appointments to more than two State Boards.

Our clients look for a range of skills and expertise, either in governance, professional qualifications or specific sectoral expertise.We have a range of opportunities for skilled applicants at all levels.

Please sign up for alerts to State Board opportunities or follow us on FaceBook, Linkedin and Twitter.

All roles must be applied for through the State Boards website.

State Boards, as part of the Public Appointments Service, run it’s recruitment competitions through (also a part of the Public Appointments Service) as this is the centralised service for applications to civil and public sector careers.

Please give careful consideration to potential or perceived conflicts of interest when applying for opportunities on State Boards.