Commitment to Public Sector Values Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. I am committed to public service
2. I am committed to promoting and ensuring transparency and fairness in how people or organisations work
3. I can manage outside interests so they do not conflict with the focus of the Board or organisation
4. I am committed to accountability
5. I am committed to always acting with integrity, ethically and to the highest professional standard
Organisational Leadership Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
6. I have experience of setting strategic direction for organisations
7. I have experience of putting controls and structures in place to manage strategy implementation and the delivery of organisational objectives
8. I have experience of assessing, controlling and managing risk in sensitive situations
9. I have a track record of leading and directing organisational activity
10. I take a system-wide approach and see connections, risks and the potential for innovation in the wider environment
11. I am comfortable with the public and media profile often associated with serving on a State Board
12. I understand that by serving on a State Board I will hold a position of significant responsibility that must be respected
Working Effectively with Others Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
13. I can build effective relationships within a team
14. I have a track record of interacting with peers at a senior level
15. I enjoy supporting and working with colleagues in challenging situations
16. I have a track record of contributing in my area(s) of expertise and helping deliver on team goals
Dealing with Complexity Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
17. I understand the impact of environmental and economic issues on decisions
18. I appreciate I will be accountable to my key stakeholders
19. I can critically analyse complex problems and clearly evaluate and assess key information
20. I persevere in challenging situations, demonstrating resilience and tenacity
Communicating my Views Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
21. I am willing to voice my views and constructively challenge executive management
22. I anticipate political sensitivities and complexities and respond in an informed and constructive manner
23. I can express my views convincingly and influence others of my perspective
24. I have experience of leading discussion on organisational issues
25. I am sufficiently independent to provide an objective perspective to a Board
26. I can listen to and consider differing opinions to my own
27. I am confident I can contribute to Board discussions in an effective way
Specialist Expertise Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
28. Based on my career to date I have in depth knowledge and expertise of:

    Corporate Governance
29.     Risk Management
30.     Compliance/Regulation
31.     Change Management
32.     Finance
33.     Law
34.     HR
35.     Communications/Marketing and Media
36.     Community Engagement/Activism
37.     Technology
38. I am committed to continuously learning and developing
39. I am self aware and seek opportunities to act on areas for my own development
40. I maintain a sound knowledge of sectoral, political and international issues and their wider implications for the citizen and the State
Availability and Logistics Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
41. I realise I will need sufficient time to devote to serving on a State Board, recognising that attendance at board meetings is only one aspect of the role
42. I may be required to take on sub-committee responsibilities and chair/attend extra meetings in relation to these
43. I understand I will need to prioritise Board meetings within my schedule
44. I will ensure I am fully prepared for all Board meetings and will follow up on relevant actions
Motivation Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
45. I have considered my motivation for wanting to serve on a State Board and feel I am doing it for the right reasons

This self assessment questionnaire gives you an indicator of the qualities that are important for a State Board role. If you agreed or strongly agreed with the majority of statements provided this role is likely to suit you. If you disagreed or strongly disagreed with the majority of statements provided we would ask you to reconsider the role and your intention to apply