Appointment to the Transport User Advisory Committee with the National Transport Authority

The National Transport Authority invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who would bring a range of knowledge and skills to the meetings of the Transport User Advisory Group (TUAG). The number and details of the TUAG is not set by legislation but it is proposed to include up to 15 members from a diverse range of backgrounds. The compilation of the Advisory Group may vary.

Appointments will be made with regard to diversity on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, urban/rural representation, age, experience and expertise and it is intended to ensure that there is a balance of skills and experience within the Group. Previous committee experience is not a necessary requirement.

In particular, expressions of interest are invited from members of the public who consider that they have the skills that will enable them to make a contribution to the work of the group in the following positions: here
• Four people representing the various modes of transport nationwide,
• A person who is part of a group who represents the interests of cyclists,
• A person who is part of a group who represent the interests of pedestrians,
• Three people from organisations representing the interests of persons with disabilities,
• A person from an organisation representing the interests of older persons,
• A person who represents the interests of business,
• A person who represents the interests of tourism,
• A person who represents the interests of students,
• A person, who is a regular user of Small Public Service Vehicles (taxis, hackneys, limousines),
• A person, who has an expertise in matters relating to Local Link.

For the 15 positions available, please see the essential and desirable criteria for each of the positions in the Candidate Information Booklet, link here

You should submit your Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to no later than 3.00pm on Friday 17 December 2021.
Please clearly state on both which individual Position number you are applying for.
Please also state what accommodations may assist you in being part of this process.