Professional appointments to CORU Registration Boards

The Minister for Health invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for appointments to professional vacancies on seven CORU registration boards.

Candidates who are registered:     

Occupational therapists   Dietitians
Medical Scientists   Radiographers
Radiation Therapist   Speech and Language therapists

or are members of professions, due to be registered by CORU

Psychologists           Social care workers 

Are invited to apply under one or more of the 3 categories:

• Persons who are engaged in the practice of the designated profession.
• Persons engaged, as members of the profession, in the management of services provided by it.
• Persons engaged in the State in the education and training of persons in the practice of the profession.

All candidates must demonstrate knowledge or experience, at an appropriately senior level, of one or more of the following:

•    Corporate governance.
•    Financial management.
•    Risk management.
•    Change management.
•    Strategy development.
•    Regulation.
•    Irish healthcare system knowledge/experience.

The following are also considered desirable:

• Previous experience of board membership.
• Evidence of an ability to work with others and build consensus with a broad range of stakeholders.

Closing Date:  15:00 on the Monday 15th March 2021


2143509_Professional vacancies Final information bookletA.pdf