Appointments to the Board of the Marine Institute

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill four vacancies on the board of the Marine Institute. 
Candidates must have demonstrable experience relevant to the work of the Institute in one or more of the following areas.

(i) Seafood/Sea Fisheries Sector

Given the strategic significance of the seafood sector, the complexity of the issues, opportunities it presents and the critical role of the MI in relation to this priority, at least one of the successful candidates should have demonstrable experience of having worked at an appropriately senior level in the seafood or wider food sectors and or the sea fisheries sector specifically.

(ii) Climate Impacts and Mitigation

The Marine Institute’s Strategic Plan has a strong focus on Climate Change.  One or more of the successful candidates should have a demonstrable knowledge of Ocean Climate issues including mitigation/adaptation and research priorities in this area.

(iii) Ocean Energy and/or Marine Technology

The successful candidate(s) should demonstrate a strong demonstrable working knowledge at an appropriately senior level of policy and developments in the ocean energy and or marine technology sectors with particular emphasis on experience or knowledge of the sectors within an Irish context.

(iv) Marine Research and Development

The successful candidate(s) should have clearly demonstrated national & international research experience in the marine area.  In addition they should have experience in managing research programmes and a proven knowledge of research policy and the funding environment in the marine sciences area, both nationally and internationally.


• Previous Board Membership
• Corporate Governance & Compliance.
• Risk Management, Strategic Planning and Implementation
• Executive/Managerial/Professional Experience of relevance to the MI
• Strong marine sectoral knowledge
• Economic knowledge/expertise relevant to the Irish ocean economy
• Financial (Accountancy, Audit, Corporate Finance)

Closing Date: 15:00 on Friday 29th of January 2021


2102001_M.I Final booklet 08.01.2021.pdf