Appointments to the Dental Council

The Minister for Health invites applications to fill three positions on the Dental Council. Candidates must satisfy the criteria under at least one of the following areas.

Interests of the General Public

Applicants must be consumers of dental services and will be appointed following consultation with the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.  Applicants who wish to be considered for this position cannot be registered dentists.  They need to be willing and available to serve on the Fitness to Practice Committee and must demonstrate experience which is indicative of the ability to speak on behalf of others and/or to represent consumer interests and/or to evaluate professional performance.


Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of a recognised legal qualification and experience of Regulatory Law which would be of relevance to the Dental Council. 

Education and training

Candidates must demonstrate in their application experience at a senior level in a higher level education institution and familiarity with processes of management of academic quality.


• Knowledge of the Irish health system, higher education system and research.
• Change management experience/leading change
• Knowledge of corporate governance/previous board experience

Closing Date:  15:00 on Wednesday 2nd December 2020


20241102_Dental Council Final information booklet 11.11.2020.pdf