Appointments to the Board of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland

The Minister for Health invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill two positions on the Board of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Essential Skills/Experience

Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of experience at an appropriately senior level in an organisation of at least similar size and complexity as the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in at least one of the following skills groups:

(a). Strategic Resource Management & Planning - demonstrable knowledge and expertise in planning, directing, monitoring, organising and controlling the monetary resources of an organisation to achieve its objectives.

(b). Strategic Human Resources Management – including demonstrable knowledge and expertise in workforce planning, employee engagement, succession planning, organisational capacity, performance management and evaluation. 

Desirable Skills/Experience:

• Governance Experience – demonstrable knowledge or experience in board governance; understanding the role of the board (and executive). Experience could be acquired through prior board or committee membership or reporting to/working with a board;
• Knowledge and experience of the corporate governance and accountability standards which State Agencies are obliged to meet;
• Demonstrable knowledge of Government policy and procedures; 
• Experience at senior level in State Regulation;
• A demonstrated commitment to public service values and regulation in the public interest;
• Experience of strategic oversight: 
• Leadership, networking and team-working skills.

Closing Date:  15:00 on Wednesday 25th November 2020


20234303_FSAI Final 03.11.2020.pdf