Appointments to the Board of Screen Ireland

The Minister for Media, Tourism, Art, Culture, Sports and the Gaeltacht wishes to appoint four suitably qualified candidates to the Board of Screen Ireland. 


The Minister intends to appoint, from among the ordinary members, a Chairperson of the Board when the position becomes vacant.  Applicants who wish to be considered for the role of Chairperson are invited to express an interest in this specific role and detail in their covering letter the skills, knowledge and experience they would bring to the role of Chairperson.

In addition to meeting the requirements for selection as an ordinary member of the board under one or more of the profiles below, candidates for the position of Chair should have
• Previous experience of board membership
• Proven understanding of the main issues facing Screen Ireland and the context under which it operates demonstrated by senior-level professional experience in the audio-visual industry, or the public service, or a cultural/educational institution related to same.

Ordinary Members

Candidates must demonstrate in their application, evidence of relevant experience and knowledge, at an appropriately senior level, under one or more of the five  profiles set out below:


A. Professional Industry Experience
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of recognised experience in some aspect or aspects of film making, screen production, screen related professional services, screen education, screen training or sustainability in film production. It would also be important that the candidate has demonstrable experience of working on boards or committees where strategies and policy making are discussed and developed.

B. Creative and Technical Experience
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of recognised experience in relation to filmmaking, screen production, screen training and screen education in any one or more of the following:

a)  creative screenwriters
b)  film directors,
c)  feature film, television drama or animation producers,
d)  working in creative or technical roles in feature film, TV drama or animation production
e)  working in digital animation, digital visual effects or digital postproduction or
f)  executive producing and/or film financing of feature film, TV drama and/or animation. Additional experience of knowledge across media or TV organisations would also be beneficial.

C. Distribution, Exhibition and Audience Development
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of recognised experience in the areas of cinema distribution and exhibition, broadcast television and online (OTT) delivery of feature film, television drama and animation screen content and knowledge of audience trends, revenue streams and monetization of screen content.

D. Related Experience
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of recognised experience in related areas including front of camera; the creative arts including crafts; media and marketing; broadcasting; software development; third level education in relation to creativity; and should be capable of representing a wide variety of stakeholders across the creative community.

E. Business Experience
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of extensive business experience, at an appropriately senior level, in one or more of the following areas:
• Corporate governance, finance and risk management, preferably including experience on an audit committee
• Business management experience including HR, industrial relations management, procurement and compliance and/or change management

Closing Date:  15:00 on Friday 6th November 2020


20216009_Screen Ireland Final information booklet 16.10.2020.pdf