Appointments to the Board of the Industrial Development Agency (IDA Ireland)

The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation invites applications from suitably qualified members of the public to join the Board of IDA Ireland.


Candidates must meet the criteria under at least one of the areas below.

(i) Asia PAC-Regional experience
Candidates must demonstrate in their application, evidence of at least two of the following at an appropriately senior level:-
- Global role in a multinational company;
- In-depth exposure to the Asia-PAC region
- A demonstrable understanding of the foreign direct investment (FDI) decision-making process for multi-national businesses headquartered in the Asia-PAC region.

(ii) Accountancy
Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of a professional qualification in accountancy and experience of at least one or more of the following:
- Audit committee membership;
- Membership of a professional body;
- Knowledge and experience of the international financial services sector and the technological trends which may impact future business models within the sector.

(iii) Industrial Property Construction/Management
Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of industrial property construction or management at an appropriately senior level ideally with a strong legal background.

(iv) Sectoral Knowledge/Experience
Candidates must demonstrate their application evidence of knowledge and experience at an appropriately senior level of the following: -
- The factors and policy developments, both national and international, which influence FDI decision making;
- International business experience which will assist the IDA in its role of attracting and embedding new and existing clients.

Closing Date:  3.00pm on Tuesday 7th July 2020


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