Appointments to the Board of the Crawford Art Gallery

The Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht invites applications from those who consider they possess the skills and experience necessary to join the Board of the Crawford Art Gallery.


Applicants for these roles must demonstrate in their application relevant experience at an appropriately senior level in one or more of the following areas.

Corporate Governance/Compliance/Risk Management

Candidates for this role must have considerable experience of corporate governance/compliance/risk management.  This should include significant experience at a senior level in an organisation in either public or private or other relevant sector to support effective management within the Crawford Art Gallery and to the highest of standards of governance and experience of Risk Management.

A recognised qualification in corporate governance and/or management would be an asset, as would previous experience as a member of a risk committee or internal audit function.


Candidates must demonstrate significant experience at an appropriately senior level and evidence of at least two or more of the following:-

Fundraising, philanthropy and donor relation
Advocacy in the cultural sector
Public Relations and marketing
Corporate partnerships

This should include: -

Relevant experience in fundraising, sponsorship, corporate partnership and/or philanthropy in order to support the Gallery's ambitious programming.
Experience of advocacy in the cultural sector
Previous experience of an organisation negotiating and delivering significant capital investment projects.


It is desirable, that part or all of the candidate’s experience be in an area which would lead to familiarity with the work of the Crawford Art Gallery.  Experience in the following areas would be desirable:

An interest and engagement in Irish Art.
Business experience with relevant connections that will support the Gallery in developing corporate partnerships to help realise the Gallery’s ambitious
Previous experience of Board membership.
Previous experience of member of a Finance and Legal Subcommittee

The Minister shall have regard to the desirability for gender balance on the Board as the Minister considers appropriate and determines from time to time when making appointments.

In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to assume the role of a member of the Board.  Please give careful consideration to the possibility of any potential conflict of interest that may exist and address this in your cover letter.  The Assessment Panel may decide, based on the perceived level of conflict, not to forward your name for consideration.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 15:00 on Wednesday 24th April 2019.


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