Appointments to the Health Research Board

The Minister for Health invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill two vacancies on the Health Research Board.  Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of significant senior level experience and competency in at least two of the following areas: 

• Experience at national or international level of the development and implementation of regulations governing the management and use of health research
• Experience at national or international level in managing the implementation of areas such as data protection and good research practice
• Expertise in the conduct and management of clinical research in a major research institution
• Outstanding achievement in health service management and delivery or business or civic leadership with a particular focus on health research, health information and evidence.


• Expertise in corporate governance, risk management and compliance
• Previous experience of board membership
• Have a demonstrable understanding of health research and information systems at a national or international level
• Experience of the use of health research or health information systems for improved healthcare delivery

In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to assume the role of a member of the Board.  Please give careful consideration to the possibility of any potential conflict of interest that may exist and address this in your cover letter.  The Assessment Panel may decide, based on the perceived level of conflict, not to forward your name for consideration.

Closing Date:  15:00 Thursday 2nd May 2019 

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