Appointment to the Board of St. James's Hospital

The Minister for Health invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for one position on the Board of St James’s Hospital.

Candidate’s attention is drawn to the provisions of the Code in relation to the role of a Board member, where the principle states: -

• Each State body should be headed by an effective Board which is collectively responsible for the long-term sustainability of the body.
• Non-executive Board members should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance resources, key appointments and standard of conduct.

Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of extensive experience at an appropriately senior level in each of the following areas:

a. Corporate Governance and Compliance

Candidates must demonstrate relevant experience, at an appropriately senior level, that clearly demonstrates knowledge of, and experience in dealing with corporate governance issues. 

b. Financial Expertise (Accountancy, Audit, Corporate Finance)

Candidates must demonstrate proven experience at a sufficiently senior level in finance and risk management.  He/she should demonstrate a capacity to understand the economics of health care (or of another relevant specialist field), and the budgets required to achieve the organisation’s mission.


Other desirable skills include experience in one or more of the following areas:

• Previous board membership
• Previous experience on an Audit/Risk Committee
• A relevant qualification
• Membership of a professional body

The Minister shall have regard to the desirability for gender balance on the Board as the Minister considers appropriate and determines from time to time when making appointments.

In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to assume the role of a member of the Board.  Please give careful consideration to the possibility of any potential conflict of interest that may exist and address this in your cover letter.  The Assessment Panel may decide, based on the perceived level of conflict, not to forward your name for consideration.

Excluded Groups:

In line with good governance principles, the governance recommendations in the HIQA Tallaght Investigation Report and the HIQA Halappanavar Report, current staff members of St. James’s Hospital will not be appointed to the Board.

Closing Date:  15:00 on Tuesday 26th March 2019

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