Appointments to the Advisory Committee on Small Public Service Vehicles (Taxi Advisory Committee)

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who would bring a range of knowledge and skills and contribute constructively to the meetings of the Taxi Advisory Committee.
Appointments will be made with regard to diversity on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, urban/rural representation, age, experience and expertise and it is the intention to ensure that there is a balance of skills and experience on the Committee.  Previous board experience is not a necessary requirement.

In particular, expressions of interest are invited from members of the public who consider that they have a skill set that will enable them to make a contribution to the work of the committee in the following positions in accordance with Section 72(3) and Section 72(4) of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013 —

•  the Chairperson
•  5 persons representing small public service vehicle and driver interests,
•  2 persons who represent the interests of consumers,
•  A person from an organisation representing the interests of persons with disabilities,
•  A person who represents the interests of business,
•  A person from an organisation representing the interests of older persons,
•  A person who represents the interests of tourism, and
•  A person, who has a special interest or expertise in matters relating to the functions of the Authority, the Advisory Committee or related matters.

Please see the Information Booklet for further details of these positions.

Closing Date: 15:00 on Thursday 28th February 2019


1918104_Taxi Advisory Committee Final Information Booklet 2.pdf